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Mesh / Netting

Netting building cover   Mesh lorry cover   Mesh scaffold cover

Our "netting" products are sourced from the top suppliers in the world, who are renowned for specification, consistency and colour stability. Used for the transport and building markets, we have a compact but highly versatile range of products. Just ask for set of swatch fabrics.

Uses: Lorry covers, building covers.

Lengths: the majority of our Mesh / Netting come in standard 50m rolls, but as the finishing is not an exact science some may vary. However we will only charge you for the exact lengths shipped.

Mitco PVC Mesh Table
Product Description   Weight   Width   Colour    

MESH / NETTING                  
PVC coated Black Netting 200cm (V25)   240gsm   200   black mesh netting
PVC coated Blue Netting 200cm (V25)   240gsm   200   blue mesh netting  
PVC coated Green Netting 200cm (V25)   240gsm   200   green mesh netting
PVC coated Red Netting 200cm (V25)   240gsm   200   red mesh netting
PVC coated White Netting 200cm (V25)   240gsm   200   white mesh netting
ยป V25 Spec Sheet pdf            

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